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Jack Broudy Infinity School of Tennis
Jack Broudy's non-linear game and the Infinity School of Tennis

Jack Broudy's non-linear game and the
Infinity School of Tennis

by Rich Neher
“We’ve decoded the mathematics behind this secret non-linear game,” says Jack Broudy on his web site www.shooloftennis.net. “Everything you thought you knew about the game of tennis is about to change… forever.” Big words only, or can he back up his claims? Is the time right for a teaching revolution in America?
Jack Broudy, renowned tennis coach, instructor, speaker, author and inventor, has an impressive list of credentials for a tennis teaching professional. His Infinity School of Tennis web site points out he’s been mentoring thousands of tennis players and pros worldwide, and…
  • Played WATCH (pro) tennis tour in Florida 1976
  • Played college tennis for UNC Chapel Hill, NC 1973-75
  • Top Varsity Tennis player, singles and (All-American) doubles for UCSD, La Jolla, CA 1976-1979
  • Top 10 Ranked Junior in New England, representing New England District on National Junior circuit, Kalamazoo, etc.
  • Worked with top coaches (Emilio Sanchez of Sanchez-Casal Academy in Spain, Peter Smith of USC, Tim Schnaible of Match Tough Tennis in Encino and Woodland Hills)
What lends real credibility to his claims about the Infinity Tennis System and its non-linear tennis methodology is the list of American players he worked with in various development stages of their career:
  • Sam Querrey (top ATP singles ranking #17)
  • Steve Johnson (top NCAA and now ATP singles player)
  • Abigail Spears (top American doubles player)
  • Warren Wood (#1 NCAA D3)
  • Steve Forman (#1 US junior, Wake Forest)
  • Eric Riley (Orange Bowl winner, Penn)
Non-Linear Tennis Methodology
As part of the Infinity Tennis System, Non-Linear Tennis is a methodology based on the science of infinity, a “hybrid of projective geometry and spatial dynamics.” Projective geometry is an elementary non-metrical form of geometry, meaning that it is not based on a concept of distance, but includes points at infinity in its geometric transformation. Adding the character of space enables the comparison of the technique with a non-linear beginning and ending in the “cracking of a whip” type effect that is supposed to produce infinitive speed.
Do the touring pros play Non-Linear Tennis?
Watching videos of Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer one can’t help notice how they seem to consistently coil and uncoil into each stroke, creating a “pop” when hitting the ball. The movement is not unlike the infinity symbol, a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity. Whether those tennis stars have heard of Jack Broudy’s Non-Linear Tennis methodology or not, they certainly seem to use it to their advantage.
How is the Infinity Tennis System different from conventional teachings?
Jack Broudy says, “Other tennis methods often look like random tips and drills, sometimes organized, sometimes not.” He points out that his methodology provides a comprehensive, step-by-step operating system. “We transform players, we don’t just improve them. Our players continuously improve and never plateau.”
Ways to learn the Non-Linear Game
Besides connecting with Jack Broudy at the club where he is Director of Tennis, the Warner Tennis Center in Woodland Hills, his web site is offering online tutoring with a professional curriculum through an Introductory Program, an Undergraduate Program, and a Masters Program. Building a “holistic understanding of the optimal bio-mechanical fundamentals of the best, most effortless strokes in the game today,” the online school claims to provide the conditions to quickly implement the teachings and transform one’s game.
The Infinity School of Tennis offers a 9 course series, with each course containing 10 or more videos, including 1 lecture and 10 or more lessons on each course of study. Each video is approximately 5 minutes.
The 8-Board and the Non-Linear Game
In order to attain the ability to perform biomechanically optimal, effortless strokes, Jack Broudy has co-invented the 8-Board, a patented training device which, in combination with the Infinity Tennis System methodology, is designed to enable complex athletic abilities in a student. As a matter of fact, as a standalone tool, the 8-Board is also a useful training device for other sports, like baseball, soccer and golf. The ability to move more effortlessly and also efficiently is obviously an advantage in most sports.
Based on the discovery of a consistent motion of the body’s core and hip area, found in virtually all top athletes in any sport, the 8-Board allows the development of that exact same motion, a figure-8. It starts in the hips, emanating outward in a wave of centrifugal force, generating tremendous speed, power, and control for the Non-Linear Game.
According to the web site www.grailsports.com, the 8-Board is also being used in sports medicine, rehab, physical therapy, orthopedics, senior health care, and weight loss clinics.
Jack Broudy has invented a new tennis teaching methodology based on mathematics. The fundamental difference between the Infinity Tennis System and conventional teaching methods is the premise that a more efficient movement during a stroke will lead to more efficient and more effortless shots, allowing the player to turn minor changes into powerful effects on court. The basic tool for learning to perform effortless, biomechanically optimal strokes is the 8-Board. The movements attained will help produce more efficient moves during tennis strokes and those moves are similar to what top touring pros already practice. Jack Broudy calls it a transformation of a player’s game and has stars like Sam Querrey and Steve Johnson as living proof that his system works. He is offering the Infinity Tennis System in an online course format to everyone interested in playing like the pros, and to teaching professionals interested in being able to transform a player’s game more quickly and with a very high success rate.
Web site http://www.schooloftennis.net
Contact Jack Broudy at jb@schooloftennis.net

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