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How to get Wimbledon tickets
Connected Clubs suggests ways to obtain Wimbledon tickets

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How to get Wimbledon tickets 2015?
By Hugo Allen
I am happy to post an article written by Guest Contributor Hugo Allen, British tennis coach and Managing Director of Connected Clubs Limited, the "one stop solution for sporting people" in Hemel Hempstead, England. Since the Wimbledon Championships are just around the corner I thought a post about how to get hold of tickets may come handy and Connected Clubs is just the source for this kind of information.

At this time of year most Tennis clubs have held their Wimbledon ticket ballots and the lucky few hold those golden tickets for a great summer of tennis. Inevitably some will have missed out and if that is you what should you do if you are still determined to be inside SW19 for those magic moments?

You could always go and queue on the day. Be prepared to be up early (and to camp overnight for centre court tickets) and to wait in line to buy your way in. This system has to be one of the best things about Wimbledon and allows the die hard fans to get in. However, if you are not prepared to queue there are other ways.

Of course, you may still get lucky in the LTA ballot if you are a British Tennis member as this ballot includes returns but it is far from guaranteed.

So what are your other options? Well you are probably left with three:

1) Forget Wimbledon and go to the other great events of the grass court tennis season such as Queen's, Eastbourne or Birmingham. All are great events and have lower ticket prices.

2) Go as a guest. Connected Clubs are lucky enough to have some tickets and will be taking some clients and those passionate about tennis. Please get in touch to see if we have a space for you.

3) Book a hospitality option - probably the best way to enjoy Wimbledon and with a range of packages it is less expensive than you think. We can organise bespoke packages through the official hospitality providers and add something extra. Connected Clubs specialize in club trips, meeting players on the day and adding those little extra like transport. If this sounds good to you please give us a call!

You can reach Hugo Allen at Connected Clubs Limited in Hemel Hempstead (just northwest of London) at 01442 368 460.
Connected Clubs web site: http://www.connectedclubs.co.uk/

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